Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was a guy who did not believe at all on the institution of arrange marriage. Always use to think that how would I come to know a person in a meeting and that I am ready to spend my life with her. Strange feelings I used to get. But always expect the unexpected in life. God had already planned this and I went on to meet a girl on 26th of December 2008.

I was bit skeptical about the meeting and all.. The first time in my life I had putten so much thought as to what kind of girl I would like to be my wife. There were so many questions going on in my mind the answer to which i was not getting at all. Its just a different kind of feeling altogether. I don't know whether I really want to go or not at that time.. but since I was already on the plane to her place I was thinking nothing else.. everything seems to be so stationary just the unstationary thing was time which was ticking ticking and ticking.

Plane landed and then I went to her place. Their sitting in a corner of sofa its like every one was watching me.. so much attention.. I was literally feeling to shy. but in all of this i was looking for her.. her voice i was able to hear but she was not in sight then.. :-(

I thought in my mind like in typical hindi movies she might bring tea on tray to me and then ask me to have tea. she would be wearing a saree( ha ha ha. what fantisies i were having at that time.). But to all the contrary she just came out in salwaar kameez and that too without a tray in her hand.. Looking that i smiled within me.. she was ASKED to sit beside me.. and really she was sitting very close to me but all i was able to see was her foot. I was feeling so shy that I didnt even speak a word to her. Just sitting with others and chatting nothing else.

Later in the day we bith were asked to sit together, alone and talk to each other. As soon as I heard that there comes back all the confusion. what to talk about and then blank. The very next moment we both were sitting together in garden sitting silently. She broke the silence and then I started talking to her. we both were so deeply went into the converstion that we both forgot the time. We were just keep on talking and talking and then I realise she is just perfect. Her way of talking, her smile, her eyes. It was just so perfect. I instantly kind of fall for her.. and thats then I realise that its just not kind of arrange marriage I was thinking. Its not just kind of like one needs to just visit and then had to say yes or no.. its kind of check that whether we are compatible or not. Its kind of click between two persons. Its kind like to know whether you can love that person. and you know for me this has paid me off. I am able to get a REAL BETTER HALF OF MINE. I might would have not been able to figure out a girl like her myself if this institution of marriage would not have been their.

I love my better Half. And now we would be getting married so it would be like.. Arrange love marriage:-)